Assessment and pedagogy are inextricably connected. Assessment of pupils’ attainment and progress should be directly linked to the curriculum followed by the school.

Report of the Commission on Assessment Without Levels, Sept 2015


Since the arrival of the 2014 National Curriculum which removed the old system of ‘levels’, pupils at Cheadle Hulme Primary School are assessed against custom-developed criteria which ensures their progress in the ‘Big Ideas’ in each curriculum subject can be tracked and teaching can be adapted accordingly.

Pupil attainment is described as either ‘Developing’, ‘Secure’ or ‘Fluent’ in each Big Idea with the second of these broadly representing the expected level as laid out in the National Curriculum document for the end of each year for Maths and phase for other subjects.

‘DSF’ judgements are reported to parents at the end of each academic year but far more important is the ongoing, formative processes of assessment undertaken everyday as part of excellent classroom practice and reported to parents both at scheduled Parents’ Evenings and informally over the course of the academic year.