Welcome to Pre-School

Spring Term in Pre-School 

Our Spring theme is Growth.

As our school year progresses, we will encourage the growth of new skills, resilience and understanding as part of the children’s developmentWe will also  be looking at new life during Springtime, in both animals and plants.  

Our curriculum will be inspired by our Spring  Bookshelf filled with exciting, high-quality texts.

Spring Curriculum at a glance

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Developing relationships. Understanding empathy, rules and needs.

Physical Development

Developing more complex movements, fine motor skills. Independence in self-care.

Communication and Language

Telling longer stories through Tales Toolkit, building vocabulary, understanding questions and explaining. Begin to express opinions.


Understanding rhyme, alliteration and syllables. Giving meaning to marks. Understanding the concepts of print.


Conceptual and Perceptual Subitising.  Principles of counting: stable order and order irrelevance. Counting backwards and forwards. Shape and positional language. Noticing and continuing repeated patterns.

Understanding the World

Understanding events in my life and different countries and cultures. Animal and plant life cycles. Understanding forces.

Expressive Arts and Design

Musical instruments, changing sounds and representing feelings. Draw with increasing complexity and detail. Colour mixing. Natural art.



As part of our school curriculum, we have identified four ‘Curriculum Drivers’ – elements that are integral to our school ethos of ‘preparing children for the world we know and a world yet to be discovered’ and they will further enhance the exciting and engaging learning opportunities that our pupils enjoy every day.

We will be exploring the theme across a range of subjects and our learning will be underpinned by our four school drivers: Collaboration, Possibilities, Respect and Technology.

Collaboration: As collaborators we will play, find out and explore together. We will ask for help when we need it. We will share our own ideas and talk to children and adults about them. We will listen to and think about other people’s ideas.

Possibilities: As risk-takers we will be willing to have a go, have our own ideas and make links. We will choose ways to do things and talk about why things do or don’t work

Respect: As emotionally intelligent young people we will keep trying, enjoying and achieving what we set out to do. We will get involved and concentrate on our learning. We will start conversations and listen to what others say. We will be considerate to others.

Technology: As technologists we will use iPads and the IWB to help us with our learning. We will choose and use technology for particular purposes. We will think and talk about the reasons why things happen or how things work.

The Pre-School team:

  • Mrs. Jones – PSHJ Class Teacher
  • Miss Wood, Miss Mosca, Mrs Bloomfield, Miss Akram – Learning Support Assistants

Important information:

  • Please ensure your child wears footwear suitable for outdoor play and sports.
  • Wellington boots and waterproof coats will be required for outdoor learning in case of rainy weather.
  • Important information will be shared through email and our weekly school newsletter.
  • Key Workers will be available every day before and after school to discuss your child’s day, receive messages and celebrate successes.


We have a Pre-School X account (Formerly Twitter) @CHPSPre-school.

Please follow us to share in the exciting learning experiences your children are enjoying.