Welcome to Reception


Summer Term in Reception

Meet the team:

Mrs Illidge – Class Teacher

Mr Ross – Class Teacher

Mrs Smith– Learning Support Assistant

Miss Paren – Learning Support Assistant

Miss Harrison – Learning Support Assistant


The Reception year is a very special part of your child’s school journey. We strive to provide a unique, challenging and inspirational curriculum based on new and memorable experiences.  Establishing strong relationships with our pupils and their families is our priority at the beginning of the school year.  During the year we will work with your child to learn and understand their individual needs and support them in their learning and development.

Spring bookshelf including the books The Bog Baby, David Attenborough, The Dot, We're all wonders, Where's the starfish, and clean up.

Our theme this term is ‘Growth’.  We will be sharing fiction and non-fiction texts exploring personal growth and resilience. We will think about how can we grow as a person emotionally, personally and socially.  We will also think about our growing responsibility as citizens and our impact on the world around us.

Our theme will be enhanced through exciting rainbow challenges, educational visits and hands on learning experiences.

We are a Rights Respecting School. Children will develop a deeper understanding of the rights of a child and explore the following articles during the summer term.

Unicef - rights respecting school

We will be exploring the theme across a range of subjects and our learning will be underpinned by our four school drivers: Collaboration, Possibilities, Respect and Technology. The book we will be exploring first is ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds

Summer Learning at a glance


Consolidation of key skills

Addition and Subtraction

Doubling, sharing and grouping

Spatial Reasoning


Continue to learn digraphs, trigraphs and adjacent consonants.

Developing reading strategies.

The format and structure of a sentence.


Experiential writing, poetry and diary entries

Non-Fiction Information Posters

Learn to tell stories and then create our own through Tales Toolkit. 

 Understanding the World



Life in this country and life in other countries

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr 

Expressive Arts and Design

Annual Art Project Focus – Eric Joyner- Robots and Doughnuts

School Drivers in the Summer Term

Collaboration: Through our theme, we will share our own ideas and talk to children and adults about them.

Possibilities: As risk-takers we will be willing to ‘have a go’, have our own ideas and make links with our learning.

Respect: We will continue to start conversations and listen to what others say. We will be considerate to others.

Technology: We will use iPads to record seasonal changes within our local area. We will learn to use Beebots to help us with our learning. We will think and talk about the reasons why things happen or how things work.

Important information:

  • Named PE kits should be kept in school throughout the term. PE will be every Wednesday
  • Reading books will be changed weekly.
  • Teachers will be available every day before and after school ready to talk about any concerns, receive messages and celebrate successes.
  • We will continue to share insights into our day via our Twitter account @CHPSrec



We will regularly be posting insights into the classroom on our class Twitter account. Please follow @CHPSrec to see how we are growing in Reception!