Welcome to the governance page of our website where you can find out about how our school is led and managed by clicking on the links below. For more information on governance and how to become a governor please visit the Laurus Trust webpage


Academy Committee Membership
  • Isaac Ince Haq – Term of Office: 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2023
  • Zoe Tatton – Term of Office: 01.12.2019 to 30.11.2023
  • Natalie Samuels (Chair) – Term of Office: 01.12.2019 to 30.11.2023
  • Elise Drake – Term of Office: 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2023

Statutory Information

For further statutory information please visit the Laurus Trust webpage

Academy Committee Attendance at Meetings